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About Us

Hi everyone, I am DY, the founder of Unikeys. If you ask me why does the custom keeb world need Unikeys, I will give you a very simple answer: we are here to provide a little bit more variety and options to custom keyboard lovers.


Unkeys was established from an unwavering love for custom mechanical keyboards. Beyond being mere tools for work, study, or gaming, keyboards are an integral part of our daily lives. Our extensive experience with custom mechanical keyboards allows us to empathize with our customers' needs, as we share these very same needs ourselves.


Unikeys partners with designers, factories, keyboard studios to bring you high quality switches, keyboards, keycaps, accessories, etc. Most importantly, Unikeys is passionate in finding and introducing fairly priced new products to the market. If we have tried something interesting, we would like you to try it too!


Our objective is to enhance the diversity and choices available in the custom keyboard market. Quality and value of the products are our priority.