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Article: Duhuk X QK QK01 Linear Switch

Duhuk X QK QK01 Linear Switch

Duhuk X QK QK01 Linear Switch

The QK01 switches were originally bundled with the QK100 keyboard kits. QK designed these wonderful linear switches and worked with Duhuk for production. The QK01 switch has become quite popular ever since because of its sound and feel. Thus, Duhuk decided to partner with us to start the international sale of the QK01 switches so you don't have to own a QK100 keyboard to have the chance to test out these wonderful switches. They are now available as individual products!

Switch Specifications

Switch type: Linear
Designer: Qwertykeys
Manufacturer: Duhuk Lumia
Top Housing: PC+PTFE
Bottom Housing: PA66 with no glass fiber
Pre-travel: 2.0mm
Total Travel: 3.5mm
Actuation force: 42g
Bottom out force: 58g
Spring: 22mm single-stage spring
Factory Lube: Yes. Perfluom polyethers grease on stem sliders, top and bottom housing sliders

QK01 Switch

As a vendor who put 90% of my time and attention into switches and had seen so many switches come and go, I have to say I am still impressed by the QK01 switches and Duhuk. By seeing that the QK01 switches were initially bundled with the QK100 keyboard kits, you might think that they are just regular switches that QK came up with to add some markup to the kits. However, the truth is the QK01 switches are unique on their own, and they definitely worth to be mentioned.

The first reason that I like Duhuk and QK01 is that Duhuk revealed the entire material formula to the public. If you are familiar with the latest switches which are manufactured by BSUN and HMX, I am sure you must have heard of materials such as LY and modified Nylon, etc. There is nothing wrong with making up names for proprietary blend materials as manufacturers obviously do not want others to know what they put into the housings and stem to make that unique sound and feel. Duhuk is the first-ever manufacturer who is brave enough to reveal its own formula for making switches.

Instead of creating a new name for its blend materials, Duhuk directly told everybody which materials composite the QK01 switch's top/bottom housings and its stem. Let's take a quick look at the compositions:

Top Housing: PC+PTFE
Bottom Housing: PA66 with no glass fiber

Let me break it down for you guys:

PTFE (Trade name Teflon): When used as a lubricant or coating material, it reduces friction, wear, and energy consumption of machinery. PTFE added to the POM stem means it has better smoothness.
MoS2: it is usually used as an excipient for making lithium grease, so the purpose of adding MoS2 is also to increase the smoothness of the switch
PA66 with no glass fiber: Glass fiber most often makes the bottom out sound toooo loud and inconsistent because it is hard to stop the fiber from surfacing on the material. Duhuk chose to go with pure PA66 to solve this problem.

From the materials chosen, it is very clear to understand what kind of linear switch Duhuk was trying to make. With PTFE and MoS2 added, the QK01 switch is very smooth even in stock condition. The pure PA66 bottom housing ensures the switch will always have a consistent bottom-out feel and sound as it won't get scratchy after a period of use. Although the fundamental materials chose to produce the QK01 are all very common and basic in switch manufacturing, Duhuk just found a way to make them better.


Factory lube and spring
The QK01 switch is factory lubed with Perfluom polyethers grease on stem sliders and top and bottom housing sliders. Most importantly, the factory lube technique was a "point to point" lubrication technique which means only the sections that make contact will be lubed. This prevents the switch from being over-lubed or lube pooling at the bottom.

The spring of the QK01 switch is made of KOS 304 stainless steel which makes sure it has incredible longevity and comes with no spring noise stock.

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