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Article: BSUN Hutt Tactile Switches

BSUN Hutt Tactile Switches

BSUN Hutt Tactile Switches

Hi everyone, here is Dashan from Unikeys. Following our recent BSUN BCP drop, I am thrilled to introduce another exciting project in collaboration with XY Studio. For those familiar with XY Studio as the creative minds behind the popular BSUN X switches, get ready for their latest masterpiece: a tactile switch manufactured by BSUN.

Renowned for their role in producing the original Invyr Panda switches and the YOK Panda switches, BSUN's expertise in tactile switch creation is unquestionable. While endeavoring to pay homage to classics can be a daring undertaking, the birth of the Hutt switch transcends mere hype and imitation. Its conception has been meticulously thought out, demonstrating a genuine commitment to innovation. The design process is well thought out and done with careful consideration. Let's embark on a journey together and delve into what sets the Hutt switch apart, exploring its unique design process and the reasons behind its distinction.

Switch Specifications

Switch type: Tactile
Designer: XY Studio
Manufacturer: BSUN/YOK
Stem material: POK
Top Housings: Modified PC
Bottom Housing: Modified PA12
Operating Force: 40g
Bottom-out Force: 49g
Pre-travel: 2.0mm
Total Travel: 3.5mm
Spring: 20.5mm Single-Stage palladium-plated extended spring
Factory Lubed: Yes! Special formulated 3203 on spring, stem feet, and stem slider

The Hutt Switch

The name and the color choice of the switch were inspired by the Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia. The pink color theme combined with the half-transparent top housing is definitely eye-catching.

The underlying concept driving the design was to craft a tactile switch featuring a medium spring weight, ensuring comfortable daily typing. While this notion may appear straightforward, a significant challenge emerged due to Hutt's tactile nature. Employing a lighter spring could potentially compromise its tactility and result in a soft stem recoil upon top-out.

In the initial sampling phases, XY Studio opted for 18mm single-stage springs. However, a critical issue surfaced promptly – while an 18mm spring heightened tactility and facilitated rapid stem top-out, achieving a spring weight below 50gf proved unattainable without sacrificing the desired typing experience.

Determined to perfect the balance, a series of trials and refinements ensued. Eventually, a breakthrough was achieved by adopting a 20.5mm single-stage spring. This innovation not only facilitated the adjustment of the spring weight to under 50gf but also preserved the sought-after tactility and swift top-out responsiveness.

Furthermore, XY Studio opted to incorporate the leaf spring from the original Invyr Panda switches, fine-tuning it to seamlessly complement the Hutt switch. Through meticulous adjustments and a fresh spring and leaf spring design, the Hutt switch attained harmonious equilibrium across all aspects, marking a triumphant culmination of the design journey.

I can vividly recall our introduction of the revolutionary POK material through the X switch, which marked a watershed moment in the market. Since then, POK has rapidly emerged as a preferred and prevalent material choice for switches. As expected, XY Studio's enduring fondness for POK finds expression yet again in the Hutt switch. Notably, the stem of the Hutt switch is thoughtfully crafted from POK, imbuing it with a characteristic smoothness.

In the preliminary sampling phases, a decision was made to employ nylon for the top housing. This choice aimed to produce an appealing clacky top-out sound without crossing into the realm of annoyance. However, this initial direction unveiled certain challenges during testing. Specifically, the harmonization of the POK stem and the nylon top housing posed difficulties in mitigating unwanted noise and stem wobble.

In response, a strategic adjustment was undertaken: the top housing material transitioned to a modified polycarbonate (PC). This alteration yielded a more focused and resonant top-out sound, while simultaneously enhancing stem stability. In contrast, the modified PA12 material comprising the bottom housing remained untouched, contributing to a gratifying and robust bottom-out experience.

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